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Participant's evaluations

Participant's evaluations (3)

Δευτέρα, 06 Ιούνιος 2016 11:28

Volunteers 2013 - 2014

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fiachra 1

My project was in the Youth Centre of Kalamata. It consisted of looking ater the general day-to-day running of the Youth Centre itself, that is, looking after the Cafe, inputting information on the absences from workshops as well as new members into the computer, and co-ordinating the workshops, ie, making sure all the workshops had what they needed for the day. Included in this of course was the cleaning of the youth centre before and after te day and stocktaking and stocking the cafe.
Also, given my experience with document preparation in the pharmaceutical industry, and my desire and expressed interest in undertaking these tasks I also helped write some grant applications, the first for a Youth exchange where I also helped design the program and did some comunicative work, the second for a Creaive Europe project, and the third for a Key Action 2 project. It must be stressed that the application work I did, voluntarily, outside of my working hours because this is the line of work and the type of career I want to persue and I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to do so here.
As well as that work the youth centre also organised parties and other small events outside of the youth centre which I played a role in as well.

All of the project met and far and aay exceeded my expectaions. I really could not be happier with the project I chose and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a part of it and to have participated as I did. I built up good relationships with many people in the organisation, affiliated and with the local community and I am grateful for that.

Fiachra, Ireland, 04/06/2014


 During these 10 months I have been actively involved, working with social media and the website, streamlining activities,giving Spanishlessons, writing articles and coordinating our social magazineLINK,making EVS movie,making-editing and coordinating  E-book,blogs given that was what constituted my project. At the same time the managers of the organization left space for me to develop multiple activities to support the center and the community. I have been developing workshops for children, organizing parties for the youth center, networking in collaboration with other organizations in the city and participating in different events as well as contacting and providing the opportunity to bring a circus-theater company.  As well as doing all the production to facilitate the performance, the company in return organized workshops in different associations and organizations. KANE also gave me the opportunity to participate as helping a facilitator in a seminar organized by them. I was also responsible for the graphic reports (photographs of all the events and activities) and creating the promotional posters.

The overall evaluation was very positive, my expectations were more than fulfilled. It has been a great personal learning many aspects an turn a professional and personal growth.

Working with the social media and the website I improve a lot my skills and learn a lot in my on, also making the promotional posters, also learn my on language during the time forthe preparation for the lessons. At the same time, it was great to work as a coordinator one day during the week in the Youth Centre, the part of coordinator some activity's our also the Link some times was difficult to coordinate with all the volunteers, and the same little  problems with the E-book but at the same time I managed to resolve them. During the process to help to be possible the performance for the circus company I found full of difficulty's, but with the help of the local volunteers and also the support of the organisation we make it possible and was a great satisfaction to make it possible. At the same time at the beginning making the different workshops with children was difficult with out having the same language but I found different ways of communication and was very successful. Was really great to saw my self how to resolve with different skills the different problems that appear, and also to learn to manage the frustration. It was very nice to be working in this organitation, because they support all your initiatives. It was really satisfaction to saw how you can develop the initiatives.                    

Amaia, Spain, 18/06/2014         


Evs helped me to achieve my expectations, like I want to help the other people and to see another culture and to know more about Europe and to improve my English and to learn another language. I think my evs was very good and successful experience and I am 100 % satisfied from the tasks I had.

This was a beginning actually,  it is like a new window in my life. Greece changed my life for sure. I gained a new life ,before Greece I wasn't decide many things about my life, I was shy, many things were hard for me. But now I am so happy. I have many things to do now. Before Greece I was afraid of to do general things. Now I have got the power. I had a real responsibility. I have never had a serious job like that. My first two weeks was free at Kalamata, after that I started to teaching Turkish. I was really enjoy to this job. I was care about it. Teaching things to people was Making me happy. We were like family together, we reached to a level, they can not speak perfectly of course we were need time to doing it but anyway I am really happy they were trying to talk with me, cooking for me, and they promised me that they will come to turkey they will be my guests. My program was always the the same the same in the last days. We met with our coordinator and we started to work in our 30th week. My project was about a farm. My organisation was really common organization in Kalamata, and this was my first experience. 

Here is the video that I created for the ending of our EVS period:

Abdurrahman, Turkey, 31/07/2014    



Παρασκευή, 03 Ιούνιος 2016 12:00

Volunteers 2012 - 2013

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During my project, I supported the work of the Day Care Centre for children with autism and the Youth Centre of Kalamata.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my project and I think that it was a great experience. When I arrived I did not know what autism was, apart from the stereotypes, and working with autistic children allowed me to learn more about this and see how a centre for children with autism works and the therapeutic activities that they offer. In the Day Care Centre, I managed to find my own place. I was designing things for the children and I did creative activities with them that allowed me to feel useful and to improve my artistic abilities. Together with a local volunteer, we also took the initiative to create some videos for behaviour in social situations that will be useful for the children. I am very happy also because the atmosphere in the Day Care Centre are creating a nice atmoshpere, because they are very young and they love what they do.

I am also very happy by the support that K.A.NE. Social Youth Development provided to me and by the Greek lessons. Finally, I loved the Youth Centre of Kalamata, as we had the opportunity to organise cultural activities and workshops and learn about mobility projects. Also, I am grateful that I had the chance to participate in the workshops of the Youth Centre of Kalamata, which are offered for free to the public by volunteers.

Finally, I am very happy with my relationship with the other foreign and local volunteers, with whom we became friends and shared this experience.

Gianluca, Italy, 07/04/2013


My service was to participate at the coordination of the youth center of Kalamata. It means:
• help in the daily life of the youth center,
• support the Workshops,
• coordinate some workshops( Children activities, French Language exchange workshop),
• to create some communication tools for the youth center, to organize events ( Concerts,Exhibitions)
• Help to the organization of one youth exchange
• Cleaning the youth center
• Write articles for the newsletter
• Support the organisation of seminars
• Making video for the promotion of the youth center
• Help local organisation (Sos children's Village,Cleaning Beach)
• Give the information for public of the youth center
• Organize EVS cafe for give information for local people about EVS
• Organize Intercultural night
• Organize party for Carnival
• Organize movie Projection on the youth center
• Support the organization of the Street festival
• Organize and Exchange with Graffiti Artists

My expectation before to make EVS was to learn more about a new culture, to take experience on the youth worker, to meet new people, to improve my english and to learn more about the European programme for the youth people. All of these expectations were achieved. For me my project was a real success, It surpassed my expectations, I really took part in an interesting project, wiht the impression to be really useful for the organisation. I was also involved in the organisation of a Youth exchange with 60 people. It was a crazy experience, where I learned how to coordinate an intercultural group. I was satisfied with the daily tasks of the youth center, it was exactly like the description that I received before the project. 

Loic, France, 28/08/2013


During my EVS I was supporting the functioning of the Youth Centre of Kalamata. This included daily coordination, running the info-point for the youth, cleaning, participating in its environmental activities, etc. Together with the other volunteers, we were also assisting in the organisation and planning of different events, such as parties, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, presentations, EVS info-days and activities for children. Additionally, I was doing the Serbian language exchange workshop and helped to develop a system for the library of the youth centre. Finally, I was also contributing articles for our LinK newsletter.

 For me, this project was better than I expected, more active and more interesting. Our daily schedule was well organized, and I never felt as if I had too many things to do, or that I had too little things to do. In general, I believe that this project is very successful. It gives different opportunities to the volunteers and it depends also on them how they will see it and use these opportunities. I am very satisfied with my tasks and activities in this project and I can see clearly the learning outcomes. My collaboration with the hosting organisation was excellent.

Jelena, Montenegro, 05/11/2013


I was a general volunteer at the youth center of Kalamata. My duties were many and diverse. Throughout the spring (february to june) I worked on a scheduled rotation inside the youth center during its opening hours, assisting with workshops, working at a info desk, taking care of a café and facilitating my own English workshop. I was also involved with contributing to the organization’s newsletter, planning and managing various events in relation to the youth center (concerts, themed parties, projections). In the summer my responsibilities shifted as the organization and the long-term volunteers helped host a group EVS where I facilitated another workshop in photography and we prepared the organization’s yearly street festival in the town’s park with hundreds of foreign and local volunteers and artists being involved.

Considering I had very little idea of what to expect when I came here (other than a general description of the project, which only tells you so much), I’ve only managed to be pleasantly surprised. The general aim of any volunteer project must be positive social change in some way or another, and I consider my organisation’s work and the social outreach of the youth center to be a success by that criteria. The tasks I performed and responsibilities I held throughout the year were varied and mostly engaging, some of which I considered myself qualified for and some of them not but all with some sort of learning outcomes. Throughout all of this I felt I had more than adequate support from my host organisation and I felt comfortable to communicate any problems or misgivings that I had in order to work towards a solution. All in all I feel extremely satisfied with my project here, and although there might be things I felt I could have done better on a personal level I don’t consider myself to have been let down in any way on my host and sending organisation’s end.

Bjartur, Iceland, 27/08/2013


My service was to help in a therapeutique horse riding school of Kalamata. My tasks were to take care of the children, leading the horse in a safe way, and also preparing and training the horses. A part of my project was also to help in my sending organisation as a French and dance teacher, and also help for the organisation of some eventsduring the year. My service involved me in a short-term EVS project as a mentor for 3 volunteers during 5 weeks.

The extend of my EVS exceeded my expectations, which were at least to have an experience abroad, to learn how to be volunteer, to learn another language and to be more open-minded. Finally I was not only living in Greece, I was also living with people from a lot of different countries, and I met many people from many countries (for sure more than 20!). I also wasn’t feeling like I’m a volunteer, which made me like I know more now who I am and what I would like to do in my lfe (for example, I’m sure that I’ll continue to be a volunteer in my own country). For the language, I can now speak english, and also can communicate in greek if needed (my level is not anough good for have a deep conversation infortunatly). All this experiences exceeded my expectations about my EVS, and made me for sure more open-minded. I also learn some technical stuff, like how to be a dance or french teacher with the lessons I gave in my hosting organisation.

Dorian, France, 04/09/2013


I worked at organic farm. Daily tasks consisted mostly of physical work, such as planting, removing the grass, sorting seeds, ect. Also, part of the project activities included supporting other farm practises, such as cleaning compost boxes in the city or helping on Re-Think (recycle, reuse activities). As it’s an educational farm, several times we were able to intercat with excursions from schools, help to  lead workshops for them. Aside of that, I was teaching Lithuanian language at the youth center once a week.

Overall, the project was a bit disappointing, as it didn’t match the description (we didn’t do most of the mentioned tasks) and was quite disorganised (incomplete activities, no schedules, meetings about daily work) . The coordinator of activities obviously did not have enough knowledge about EVS programme, I mostly pursued same activities as other workers. However, at the end of the project, she became more aware of YiA values and hopefully, it stays like that when future volunteers come. Despite the disappointments, it was still an enriching experience, specially after the working hours when I had the chance to explore the new culture and environment on my own.

Ieva, Lithuania, 05/06/2013


I was working in the Youth Center of Kalamata where I had to give French lessons for beginners and advanced and guitar lessons for four Greek children. My tasks were also to take care of the center: working in the information point to guide the public of the Youth Center, to inform them about different programs and youth exchanges (EVS café; Leornado, Grundtvig), to take part and organise its cultural events (Street Art Festival, intercultural nights, cinema projections etc.), to work in a café which has been created during the year, to coordinate the other volunteers for the maintenance and to cooperate with the Greek volunteers who were giving lessons. In general, my tasks were connected with cultural, artistic and social activities by taking initiatives and being motivated. I worked every day in the Youth Center except during the week-end from 4pm to 10pm with a working day in the morning for preparing the lessons and to reflect about a personal project. 

I have been entirely satisfied by my EVS experience in this organisation. The description of the project on the database reflects the tasks I have had, that is to say: organisation, communication, information, workshops, taking initiatives and the inter-cultural dimension of 15 volunteers from different countries. I could meet a lot of people who helped me to feel integrated and to have a very nice experience. My organisation gave me the opportunity to take initiatives and to do many projects with different bodies (local radio, second chance school, cinema festival etc.) which enriched a lot my EVS project and my education.  

Ines, France, 05/08/2013


My main tasks in this project was to maintain the web sites, blogs and other means of electronic communication of the organization and its projects in order to support the EVS structures in Greece.

The main outcome of the project is to develop the websites (,, new website of the Youth Centre of Kalamata, Facebook page, Those websites are the support measures for EVS volunteers in Greece and Kalamata. Also they are the way to promote the Youth in Action programme and volunteer work for the Greek youngsters. I was also responsible for publishing the bimonthly periodical LiNK. 


Before coming here I did not have much expectations, but in the end I learned many new skills conserning e-structures like facebook, webdesign in wordpress, publishing e-periodicals and editing them. Also outside of that I got more experienced on dealing with people, communication, project managing etc. Although not everything went as planned from the beginning I could say that experience itself was one in a kind and very-very instructive.

Taaniel, Estonia, 04/09/2013

Πέμπτη, 02 Ιούνιος 2016 15:17

Volunteers 2011 - 2012

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Farhana netherlands

For eight months I was an EVS volunteer for the Youth Centre of Kalamata. Here I did basic things like making sure the workshops went well, design & editing the monthly newsletter, front office, informing people (all ages) and cleaning the building. Besides this I did my own workshops and joined several side-projects. I had a 'Practise English Conversation' workshop and in the other one I taught people the Dutch language. It was very interesting to put myself into the shoes of a teacher. Now I know that it's not that scary and it's actually fun to do! Side-projects included beach-cleanings, clothing-exchange bazaars, a street-festival, information sessions about EVS, theme-parties and school-visits. I also got Greek language lessons twice a week, through which I learned to read and to make simple conversations.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations to begin with, but for me everything was really more than fine. Overall my project was a success. I was satisfied with the tasks I got and the freedom they gave me to do more or different things.

Farhana, Netherlands, 01/05/2012



 For seven months I was an EVS volunteer in a Farm that works based on the concepts of natural and biodinamic farming. Here I did basic things like planting vegetables, collecting herbs and drying them, collecting seeds for our bank of seeds, giving support in open events in the farm and activities with children. Besides this, I taught Portuguese in the youth center of Kalamata that was a very interesting and different experience for me. I also got Greek language lessons twice a week, through which I learned to read and to make simple conversations.

My project didn’t match with my expectations in the beginning but it turned out to be different but in a good way. I am very satisfied with my tasks and all the activities I was involved. 

 Diana, Portugal, 07/08/2012

 Michal cz

During my project I had the opportunity to work with horses and children with special needs, so my the main tasks included taking care of the horses, preparing them for the therapeutic sessions, leading the horses and ensuring the balance/stability of the children on the horses. Also, part of it was playing with the children educational/therapeutic games.

I am very happy with this experiences, as it gave me the chance to develop and see things I would not have been able to see otherwise.

Michal, Czech Republic, 30/09/2012

 Samuel Spain

I have been working with children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders,offering time to play, to organise music and movement team games and cooperated well with members of therapeutic team. I have learnt and used recognised valid techniques from TEACCH aproach, PEACS and Sensory Investigation.

I am completely satisfied with my project. It exceeded my expectations and was a good way to learn more about this kind of disability.

Samy, Spain, 09/10/2012

Antonia Austria

I worked for 7 months as a volunteer in the Youth Centre of Kalamata,, where I overtook some tasks and also created my own tasks. Every day I cleaned one part of Youth Centre and some working days I had the responsibility to keep the Youth Centre's schedule in time and to keep the Youth Centre in a good condition. I also gave German- and guitar lessons to children and adults and joined some workshops in the Youth Centre as well. Another task was to organize events for the Youth Centre as a treasure hunt, EVS-Café, Events and Presentations. For the advertising of EVS I made a video about EVS-life.

Overall I really liked working in my project because it gave me the chance to learn a lot about my abilities and myself. Actually in the end a lot of tasks didn't meet my expectations since I imagined the project totally different. But I had the chance to do several other tasks I didn't expect before.

Tonia, Austria, 05/07/2012

 Linamarie germany

 The service I gave was part in the youthcenter of KANE and part in the Mirto Fifa farm, which served as my main projekt. There I helped with the farm works and other environmental projects, which included harvesting, taking care of our seeds collection, preparing products for selling, solving problems that dealt with the premises of the farm. In the other projects, which was mainly the RE:think project, that deals with recycling ideas and composting solutions for the city of Kalamata. There we work on selfmade things we created from used material or prepare educational events for children, schoolclasses or teachers at the farm, an action that which is increasing. I also helped with other projects or tasks in the farm, in events she did or went with her in the neighbourhood to promote the composting project or took care of the composting tank. In the youthcenter I was every Monday and in an environmental action me, the other volunteer from my project and a changing third volunteer from the center cleaned the square which isin front of the youthcenter. I also did other works, like reapairing stuff from the center, painting walls or working in the roof garden project. On Fridays I gave German lessons in the center. 

 My expectiations were fulfilled from the point that I wanted to learn, both practical things and personal and social skills. I did learn a lot, but not the way I expected it. The biggest issue to learn was that you meet such different conditions and ways of living in another country and you have to expect everything. The project I worked in gained a lot of succes from my work - not through a certain tasks of me but through my participation and help. So my coordinator was able to concentrate on bigger projects because I worked with the daily tasks in the farm and is now able to host a lot of actions and projects on the farm now. So, for  me that I learned about farming and evironmental education as well as I developed my social skills and for her with her projects my EVS is quite successfull. In the beginning it was hard to see this positive outcome, also in the middle of our work together, because we were facing some understanding difficulties and didn’t work together so well lots of times. But we managed to smooth it out and wokred vene btter from the thigs that we learned from these diffilcutlies.

Lina Marie, Germany, 15/06/2012

Katya Ukraine

I was working in the Therapeutical Horseriding center. There I was conducting horseriding therapy with children with autism. Also I was teaching the Russian language in the Youth Center (Kentro Neon Kalamatas).

I had very good experience with my project. It totally met my expectations. 

Katya, Ukraine, 15/10/2012

Rasa Lithuania

I worked at the Youth Centre (Kentro Neon Kalamatas). There I worked as a theatre director’s assistant and at the same time as a journalist ( I wrote the interviews with actors). I was flamenco and Creative occupation with children teacher. Also, I was working at the Info Point at our centre, giving information about the activities at the Youth Centre and about volunteering in general. Moreover,  I participated at some events such as cleaning Kalamata, Kardamili, presenting EVS at the schools, etc. 

In general, I do not have complains about working in the Youth Centre. I really enjoyed it. Working with the theatre group I had some problems, as I sometimes felt unusefull and that I did not have to be there, but I managed to solve them. I think that it was a really good learning experience for me, that will help me in my future projects.

Rasa, Lithuania, 04/06/2012